Travel Documents / Advance Parole:

  • Advance Parole travel authorization is available to foreign nationals who are present in the U.S. and who have filed I-485 Applications to Adjust Status to Permanent Resident. This authorization enables a foreign national to return to the U.S. from abroad; (i) without the need to possess a valid Nonimmigrant Visa; and (ii) without abandoning a recently filed or pending Adjustment of Status Application. Advance Parole is issued for a one year period and may be renewed in one-year increments upon written application filed with the Citizenship and Immigration Service (CIS). An Adjustment of Status Application is not suspended while a foreign national travels abroad, nor does the CIS adjudication of an adjustment case stop. In short, an Adjustment Application is not affected by one’s use of an Advance Parole document.


    Form I-131 is required to apply for advance parole travel document, to include parole into the U.S. for humanitarian reasons.

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