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  • Ann., Arlington, VA

    My case was employment based + Cross-chargeability

    Moona is very humble at the same time very professional, my case wasn’t easy despite being it an employment-based because my case was one of those cases which needed documents from 2 different countries because of Cross-chargeability

    And I would say her knowledge helped us getting our green card exactly in 4 months.

    She listened to us and pointed us in the right direction to gather all the required documents.

    1. Very Response with all means of communication, Phone, emails or in the office.

    2. Good listener, not like any other attorney who will keep asking you document they want but she was so involved with our case that she knew what all documents we have and what is going to be helpful for our case.

    3. Importantly very reasonable fees, and moreover not at all money grabber, with our contract there was an additional fee if we wanted her to join for the interview, she was so confident that she told me that she may not be needed for interview, but my thought process was we would be confident with her presence at the interview and we insisted her to join us.

    I would highly recommend her services.

  • Danitte., Arlington, VA

    Moona helped my spouse and I throughout the whole process of our marriage and filing for his green card, EAD and travel visas. She answered all of our questions and prepared us for the interview and what to expect. We will definitely be using her again when we have to remove the conditions on his green card!

  • Akbar H., Reston, VA

    I consider Moona a very knowledgeable and highly reliable immigration attorney. She is always responsive, diligent and knows how to tackle any hurdles. Over the past 5 years, Moona has successfully filed my green card application and a couple of H1s, the last one being a tough case! I would strongly recommend her services to anybody needing immigration help.

  • AA., Great falls, virginia

    Moona has been a great shepherd through the green card process for my mother – she gave us sound, measured advice at multiple stages throughout the process from application to interview. I really appreciated her explanations, knowledge and above all, patience.

    At the end of the day, she was very thorough, personable and well-informed. I will happily recommend Moona’s services to anybody who wants a genuine immigration attorney who is interested in guiding you through the process, rather than simply collecting fees.

  • Subhash M., Bowie, MD

    I had help from Moona Shakil for filing of my H1 as well as GC. Everything went well and smoothly. Thanks a lot!!

  • Amina M., Arlington, VA

    As an attorney, I always recommend Moona when people ask me for an immigration lawyer. Moona is an knowledgeable immigration lawyer who can guide you through the different steps in your application with clear, understandable words. Her work is impeccable, efficient, and on target.

  • Catherine S., Amman, Jordan

    I have had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Shakil for the past 3 years. We first retained her services for assistance with a family member’s case and was so impressed with Moona’s work that we have continued to use for other matters. Moona is professional, timely and detail oriented which makes what can be an overwhelming and confusing process more peaceful. She consistently provides sound advice and guidance on immigration issues and allowed for us to feel much more confident in moving through the immigration process. Additionally, Moona made us feel like we were her most important clients, never making us feel our many, many questions were a burden but rather welcomed. I highly recommend retaining Mrs. Shakil’s services to anyone who is trying to navigate the US immigration and naturalization process.

  • Fatima S., Arlington, VA

    For all those out there who can’t stand dealing with lawyers, be ready to be surprised! Moona is not only extremely competent and knows the field of immigration law inside and out, but she is extremely diligent, responsive, detail-oriented and follows your case like a hawk until it is complete. She’s not one of those lawyers you have to chase, but rather she chases you to make sure the process doesn’t get stalled. I turned to her when my initial lawyer was just sitting on my green card application and couldn’t answer the most basic questions. It was like night and day when I turned to her – I couldn’t believe how accessible and knowledgeable she was. Since then, she has helped several of my family members and friends, and the feedback from them is consistently positive. She is so professional and yet you feel like you are chatting with a friend who really cares about your case and stands with you until the end. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND her.

  • Babar A., Bethesda, MD

    I had an initial consultation with Ms. Moona Shakil for a half hour which was free. During this time she answered all of my questions carefully and patiently so that I understood the whole process thoroughly. From there on Ms. Shakil successfully and smoothly completed my case. Ms. Shakil is kind, friendly, patient, and thoroughly professional. She is well prepared and sets up her cases with the utmost diligence. Even if there is a complicated issue to deal with Ms. Shakil will come up with the solution. In my opinion she is one of the very best immigration lawyers in the entire Washingt.on DC, Virginia, and Maryland area and without hesitation I would highly recommend her. I have recommended Ms. Shakil to my colleagues, family and friends, some of whom are currently employing her services.

  • Portia S., Vass, NC

    Moona Shakil has a vast amount of experience and knowledge in immigration law, and that becomes apparent immediately in conversations with her. She is an impressive, competent and conscientious lawyer who helped come through for one of our family members (a sister-in-law) with a unique circumstance in her immigration case. She was at a loss and under stress, not knowing how to proceed. I had heard about Moona and referred the sis-in-law to her law office. Moona discussed the situation at length with her and helped her submit everything she needed for her specific case. She couldn’t stop raving about Moona, her patience, and the professionalism and efficiency with which Moona had handled her case. Not only that, Moona saved her a lot of undue stress and answered any questions she had related to her case. Competent lawyer! Excellent service! Go with her, and you will not regret!

  • Gagan S., Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

    Moona is an excellent lawyer; professional and courteous who will go the extra mile for her clients to ensure their success. She has the ‘human touch’ a client needs when facing complex immigration issues. I would highly recommend Moona for your next immigration / work visa / green card needs.

  • Sharuk A., Loudoun, VA

    Moona came highly recommended through a friend and she did not disappoint. She is very professional in her services and goes the extra mile to understand individual cases and provide the most fitting advice. She is very knowledgeable about immigration laws and regulations and helps her customers make key decisions with ease. She provided her services to me for my green card processing and I received my GC in 4 months’ time. She guided me step by step through the entire process and actively followed up with me on my case updates regularly. I would strongly recommend her services, keep up the good work Moona!

  • Rania S., Arlington, VA

    I used Moona three years ago to get my green card. She is extremely professional, always reachable and she got me my green card in 3 months!   What I love about this firm is that the lawyers prepare your papers personally and they are fully aware of your case. When I call to ask a question, they always answer. I referred some friends to Moona Shakil and they were very satisfied.

  • Tanweer A., Atlanta, GA

    I am very pleased that my and my wife’s green card applications were approved earlier than expected.  I want to commend you for diligently preparing all the necessary documents, working closely with me and my employer to ensure that all the advertisements and the paperwork were done on time and met all the requirements.  As a result, the documents were submitted on time, and the case was quickly process and approved.  You checked that the documents did not have any errors and that the supporting evidence were in place.  Throughout the process, I felt confident that you are a competent immigration attorney.  You answered all my inquires efficiently and promptly.

  • Samir M., Arlington, VA

    Moona has handled our immigration cases from the beginning—right from filing my H1B, to applying for my wife’s and my Green Card. Based on my interaction with Moona during the last five years, I can confidently say that she is an outstanding immigration attorney. She is very proactive, thorough, and follows up with USCIS whenever necessary. Despite her busy schedule, she is available—she will take your calls and promptly respond to your emails. I highly recommend Moona for any type of immigration matters and won’t hesitate to seek legal guidance from her. I wish her all the best!

  • Stacy B., Arlington, VA

    My husband and I recently used the services of Moona Shakil to complete my change of status paperwork. Moona made this process so easy for us. Moona not only completed the forms, and notified us as our case progressed, but offered support throughout the entire process. She is very efficient and knowledgeable.  Most importantly, she was very accessible; we could reach her at any time. I cannot be more complimentary of this legal service. I strongly recommend them.

  • Fabio B., Arlington, VA

    They were recommended to us, and we must say that since the first friendly approach, we were pleased to notice their professionalism and courtesy. They are very detail-oriented and available for every question or doubt. We would strictly recommend them, because we have never had the impression to be just treated like a client. We are definitely looking forward to work again with them.

  • Alex E., Alexandria, VA

    Moona Shakil helped my wife file an I-601 Waiver of Inadmissibility, and thank goodness my wife now has her Green Card! I found Moona Shakil to be very professional and compassionate. After applying for an adjustment of status without legal counsel, we were shocked, confused, and scared when we received the notice that my wife was found inadmissible. Ms. Shakil helped us by explaining our situation, giving us options, recommending the best path, and filing the form along with all the attachments. She worked very hard researching similar cases, and prepared a strong argument on our behalf. She was always available to answer questions, and talk through the issues. We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome, because our case was approved. My wife and I are very thankful to Moona Shakil and we wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone in a similar situation. Our mistake was trying to apply without legal counsel. So much is at stake, that even if the paperwork seems straightforward, it’s best to get help early on.

  • Andrew A., Fairfax, VA

    I am so happy with the way Moona Shakil handled my case that I am venturing on my first review. Any dealing with the immigration involves tons of paperwork, intimate knowledge of deadlines, and general knowledge of how they process things. In this regard I was more than happy for having Moona by my side to assure that I wouldn’t get delayed or turned down because of overlooking a detail. I was charged a fair set fee, that didn’t go up as I ran into some minor bumps along the way. Moona was always available same day for any questions that I had. I have referred several of my friends and family to her and everyone is thrilled to have met her. Overall – highly recommended.

  • Sarah K., Washington, DC

    Moona handled my immigration matter and she did an amazing job! She personally worked on the case, and in the end it resulted in me and my family being able to stay in the US. Now she handles all my employers immigration matters and is doing an amazing job. I would recommend her to anyone.

  • Elizabeth K., Washington, DC

    Moona is an excellent Immigration lawyer. She helped me and my family members get our green cards in a timely manner and assisted us every step of the way. She is very through with her work and was always available to us whenever we had any questions. I would highly recommend her!

  • Richard C., Falls Church, VA

    Moona work is impeccable! She handles the cases herself and her line of action is right on target. She resolved my case which had no chance of a good outcome, and has since handled over a dozen cases for family and friends. I would recommend her to anyone.

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