Mar 27thAnn

My case was employment based + Cross-chargeability

Moona is very humble at the same time very professional, my case wasn’t easy despite being it an employment-based because my case was one of those cases which needed documents from 2 different countries because of Cross-chargeability

And I would say her knowledge helped us getting our green card exactly in 4 months.

She listened to us and pointed us in the right direction to gather all the required documents.

1. Very Response with all means of communication, Phone, emails or in the office.

2. Good listener, not like any other attorney who will keep asking you document they want but she was so involved with our case that she knew what all documents we have and what is going to be helpful for our case.

3. Importantly very reasonable fees, and moreover not at all money grabber, with our contract there was an additional fee if we wanted her to join for the interview, she was so confident that she told me that she may not be needed for interview, but my thought process was we would be confident with her presence at the interview and we insisted her to join us.

I would highly recommend her services.